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question answer submissions importance date party ideologies administration region prefecture municipality
Should there be fewer or... Fewer 2,762 1.08 2017-06-06 Panhelleni... Democratic... Peloponnes... West Maced Artas Grevena
Should Muslim immigrants... Yes, until terrorist... 9,383 2.21 2017-12-09 Social Agr... Big Govern Aegean Athos Irakliou Serres
Should Greece abolish... No 2,368 3.73 2017-08-06 Reformers... Militarism Epirus and... Attica Prevezas Filadelfei...
Should Greece overthrow... No 1,197 3.91 2017-08-05 Greek Ecol... Tender Athos Central Gr Lakonias Deskati
Should the government... Yes 2,612 3.45 2017-12-06 Organisati... Meritocrac Crete Crete Anatolikis... Chalandri
Which political party do... Popular Unity 4,402 3.47 2017-05-04 Democratic... Politicall... Thessaly a... South Aege Evvias Voio
Are you currently... No, but I was previously... 919 3.6 2017-06-07 New Democr Secular Attica Epirus Grevenon Keratsini-...


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