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@93RQL4H from Massachusetts answered…5mos

As a private business, I don't see why not when it's in regards to a safety concern.

@7J7L92W from California answered…5mos

No, but they are allowed to ask customers to leave if they don't show vaccination or wear a mask

@92JXK3J from New York answered…5mos

Yes, if it is during a pandemic or if it is a small business and/or if it employs a number of disabled and sickly people.

@8Y6ZVGL from VI answered…5mos

No, unless they refuse to wear a mask when a business requires one to do; it depends on the rules and rights of the owner and their business.

 @93G2RP7 from Wisconsin answered…6mos

They have the right to ask as the customer has a right not to disclose medical information

@8VD4SST from California answered…6mos

Yes, they should have the right to ask, but customers shouldn't be forced to tell them

@9334YP3 answered…7mos

Only if they do not receive any kind of government funding or benefits, and only if it would be equally legal for them to turn away vaccinated customers as unvaccinated ones.

@34477B5 answered…7mos

@4XD28G7 answered…7mos

No, that is private information and vaccines aren't proven to be 100% effective for preventing the spread of disease. Easier and safer to enforce masks upon entry.

@92NVQ27 from California answered…7mos

 @8XD6BY6 from Nevada answered…7mos

Yes, that is the private business’s freedom of speech and private property rights

@3HNRB33 answered…7mos

No, but I do think that private businesses should have a right to require masks and other safety and health practices for their and their employees protection.

@vacheesehead answered…7mos

Yes, as all private businesses should have the right to do so in the case of a public health concern.

@7FNDWLM from California answered…8mos

Yes, but they are not allowed to deny access to the business based on vaccination status.

@6LV5ZML from Washington answered…8mos

No, an individual's health information should remain private; but, businesses should be able to request customers to wear a mask in order to enter their place of business, and deny entry to those who refuse to comply. "No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service."

@6LV5ZML from Washington answered…8mos

No, but they should be able to request customers to wear a mask in order to enter their place of business.

@4M78YV6 answered…8mos

Yes. However, I will not patron these businesses if they decided to do so

@83Y58Z2 from North Carolina answered…8mos

yes, private businesses should have the right to conduct business so long as they are not in violation of the 14th amendment.

@85QL69F from Florida answered…8mos

@8TQB57G from Oregon answered…8mos

Yes, but I won't patronize businesses that make requirements of my vaccination status

@8F8D9G3 from Colorado answered…9mos

Vaccination status is a matter of private health record and is protected by the doctor-patient relationship.

@65FRMVL from North Carolina answered…10mos

Yes, as long as customers and hiring candidates have the ability to disclose any health-related reasons for not being vaccinated.

@3BCN8LS answered…10mos

 @8VHBC3L from West Virginia answered…10mos

@8YLB9QX from Texas answered…10mos

Yes, private businesses have the right to conduct their business however they see fit.

@8VC2Q88 from Virginia answered…10mos

@8YWFNCG from Texas answered…10mos

Yes, but customers should also have the right to refuse to answer.

@8VC7WDN from North Carolina answered…10mos

No, and they should be banned from firing employees based on vaccination status!

@646YDRS from Ohio answered…10mos


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